<IZANAMI Project>

「IZANAMI Project」は日本の伝統美を独自の視点で捉え、2018年2月平昌オリンピック公式文化行事としての招聘を受け、日本人として唯一の舞台「MIYABI」を公演したプロの演奏・ダンスパフォーマンス団体です。

February 9th 2018, “MIYABI” was performed as a Pyeongchang Olympic official opening ceremony. We are the only japanese performance team which invited for the Pyeongchang Olympic official opening ceremony.


he new version of the stage is recreated by overall stage art director,Nami Noguchi. It is based on japanese beautiful culture, tradition, and also her original
worldview of Japanese beauty.



It was featured by the newspaper company Saitama, Asahi, Yomiuri and Yahoo! News. Also on the TV shows, NHK news and “Morning show” by TV Asahi.




< offer for any kinds of stages plans >
Not only for Japanese , but also we can perform at any kinds of places or institutions. We can offer the stage with different plans and different situations. Such as small live performance with few performers, music live performance only, full performance…etc
Feel free to contact us about stage plans


Overall Stage Art Director・Choreographer
Nami Noguchi

2017年、平昌オリンピックプレイベ ントの韓国公演での功績が認められ、2018年2月、オリンピック公式 文化行事への正式な招聘を受け、開幕日に合わせ日本人として唯一、舞台「MIYABI」を公演を行った。

At dance competition, she has so many numbers which got prizes and she was chosen for the best choreographer.
Her works are not only in Japan
but also in Korea and China. She also known as a stage director of opera concerts.
In 2017, she got a great reputation
with the performance of Pyeongchang
winter Olympic pre-performance. After that, she got an invitation from the Olympic art committee. In February 2018, she presented the “MIYABI” on the first day of the Olympics at the opening ceremony.





<for foreign tourists>
Since “MIYABI” was created and based on Japanese traditions and cultures, this stage is mostly interested by foreign tourists or foreign people who living in Japan. We can offer our stages for companies or any kinds of groups.
We would love to offer our performance and make plans with us for your stage.